My name is Zorica Milovanović Jeknić. At the Faculty of Mathematics, I completed my undergraduate, master's, and doctoral studies in the area of Numerical Mathematics and Optimization. I am working as an assistant professor at the Faculty of Construction Management, Union Nikola Tesla College in Belgrade. The Faculty of Mathematics offers a good choice of subjects, seriousness and dedicated work of the faculty. Numerical mathematics and optimization can be applied in many fields, such as civil engineering, transportation, mechanical engineering, medicine and many others. My research area is numerical methods for solving partial differential equations. At the faculty where I work, I teach master's students and doctoral students in the subjects of finite element methods and optimization methods. This choice of subjects allows me to get an even better insight into the methods and their application in practice, which makes numerical mathematics and optimization even more interesting and enjoyable. In my spare time, I write scientific papers that have been published in prestigious international and national journals. Mathematics has been my great love since elementary school, and that is why I chose to join the Department of Mathematics. I recommend anyone who is interested in mathematics/computer science and has previous knowledge to enroll in the Faculty of Mathematics, because they will gain a great knowledge that they can later apply in practice.