I studied Numerical Mathematics and Optimization from 2002 to 2006. Mathematics is the science of the future! New developing sciences such as Data Science and Artificial Intelligence are based on mathematical theories, and an understanding of mathematics is necessary to successfully engage in these fields.

My profession is called Applied Scientist and I am involved in designing and implementing machine learning algorithms. My work is mostly a combination of data analysis and programming. The field I work in is still new, and every day there are small scientific advances, and with them the power of machine learning is growing. Nobody knows what results we can expect in this field in 10 or 20 years. My postgraduate scientific work was related to numerical mathematics and image processing. I defended my dissertation at the University of UCLA in 2013. Knowledge in the field of mathematics and programming is an excellent foundation for various jobs now and in the future. No one can know how the range of jobs will evolve in the future, and we all need to be ready to constantly evolve, but I believe that the mathematical basics will definitely be useful. I like to spend my free time in nature or with a good book or movie.