At the Faculty of Mathematics, I chose to study Applied Mathematics in the Mathematics module in 2017. After four years, in 2021, I successfully completed my undergraduate degree and immediately continued my master's degree in the same field.

Currently, I am employed as a Data Analyst at Raiffeisen Bank. In the credit risk department, I am responsible for the development and validation of credit risk models, among other things. In my work in credit risk modeling and validation, I use mathematical techniques to analyze and predict customer behavior, identify risk factors, and assess the probability of credit default. The mathematics faculty provided me with a broad understanding of mathematical concepts and their application in various fields, including banking.

After graduating from college, I had the opportunity to gain experience in the development of matheuristics during my internship at MISAN. I am currently focusing on completing courses in the field of machine learning, defending my master's thesis and planning to enroll in doctoral studies. I like to spend my free time with friends. The Faculty of Mathematics provided me with a strong foundation in programming and computer science. During my studies, I got acquainted with different programming languages, and I still use some of them in my current position, while they all helped me to quickly learn new languages. In my current workplace, I encounter different programming languages such as SAS, SQL, Python and R, which are key tools for data processing and analytics. At the Faculty of Mathematics, I also developed the ability of critical thinking, abstract reasoning and problem solving. These skills are essential for analytical work as they help me identify patterns and trends in data, draw conclusions and propose optimal solutions.

During my studies I focused especially on subjects like Programming, Mathematical Modeling, Probability and Statistics, Combinatorial Optimization, Numerical Methods and many other subjects that gave me knowledge from different areas. The Mathematical Modeling course gave me an insight into the various applications of mathematics and its importance and applicability in the real world. Subjects such as Operations Research and Combinatorial Optimization provided me with an excellent foundation for understanding the complex graph algorithms that are essential for the development of machine learning.

In addition to various technical skills, I also developed social skills at the Department of Mathematics. I had the opportunity to meet great people, both students and professors. Through the faculty, I acquired work habits and discipline that mean a lot to me today. The faculty covers a variety of topics, but no one course can cover everything because there are different applications of mathematics. Importantly, the faculty provide a good foundation and make it possible to quickly learn new topics and challenges. Continuing education and self-improvement opens up a variety of opportunities. All in all, graduating from the Department of Mathematics and gaining knowledge in applied mathematics opens a wide range of opportunities in various industries. I believe that the future of mathematics faculty is bright and that mathematicians will continue to play a key role in solving complex problems and shaping innovation in modern society.