I completed my undergraduate and graduate studies at the Department of Mathematics, majoring in Numerical Mathematics and Optimization. Immediately after graduation, I started my professional career in the banking sector, where I worked on the development of quantitative models for the purposes of risk management and mitigation.

Currently, I work at NLB Komercijalna banka in the Risk Management Department as a Senior Data Scientist and I am responsible for the development of mathematical models in the areas of market, interest rate and liquidity risk, operational risk and projection of macroeconomic indicators.

Studying in the field of Numerical Mathematics and Optimization has primarily allowed me to acquire a broad and healthy base of mathematical fundamentals, a creative approach to solving problems, and familiarity with mathematical tools that have applications in various fields.

The challenges and needs of banks are fertile ground for the application of mathematical models. To successfully solve these tasks, it is necessary to apply a wide class of models from different areas of mathematics: from numerical mathematics, optimization, probability and statistics to indispensable programming, where the knowledge acquired in applied mathematics is certainly very helpful.

Although banks have been in constant need of the help of mathematical apparatuses for more than two decades, the complexity of the system and the frequent and significant changes in the macroeconomic environment mean that there is no end in sight to the solution of all outstanding problems. Therefore, I encourage future students to study Applied Mathematics so that they will be able to use new and innovative models if they want to work in the banking sector to contribute to its solution.