I completed undergraduate and graduate studies in mathematics at the Faculty of Science and Mathematics. In March 1985 I received my PhD from the University of Belgrade in the field of numerical analysis of partial differential equations, and since October 1985 I have been employed at the University of Oxford, where I hold a full professorship. I am engaged in the mathematical analysis of nonlinear partial differential equations and in the construction and analysis of numerical methods for their approximate solution. This is a field of great practical importance with numerous interesting applications, ranging from continuum mechanics, ecology, meteorology, hydrology, climatology, geophysics, astrophysics, electromagnetism, mathematical biology to various problems of financial mathematics and models of collective behaviour based on partial differential equations. I have been a foreign member of SANU since 2009, a member of the European Academy Academia Europaea since 2020, and a member of the British Royal Society since 2021.

I highly recommend undergraduate and graduate study of mathematics because, in addition to a broad mathematical education, it promotes logical thinking, the ability to reason clearly and systematically, and perseverance and persistence in solving complex problems. These are useful skills whether you are going to study mathematics as a researcher or pursue another profession after graduating in mathematics.