My name is Olivera Stančić. I started my studies at the Faculty of Mathematics in Belgrade in 2006, majoring in Numerical Mathematics and Optimization, and graduated in 2010. Since I was satisfied with the acquired knowledge, experience and general study atmosphere, I decided to continue my education at the same faculty and in the same degree programme. First, I completed my master's degree, then my doctoral studies. In 2018, I defended my dissertation entitled "Hab Maximum Coverage Problems - New Mathematical Models and Solving Methods", earning the degree of Doctor of Science - Mathematical Sciences.

I am working at the Faculty of Economics of the College of Kragujevac and I am currently working on the following scientific topics: Combinatorial optimization, mathematical modeling, metaheuristics, node location problems, etc. Optimization problems are many and varied, and in practice the most frequently encountered problems are those of traffic planning, searching for routes in the telecommunications network, computer network optimization, financial investment and planning, employee allocation, production planning, budget organization, and many others. It is clear that after defining the problem, it is necessary to create a suitable mathematical model that is a good approximation of the real problem. In order to solve the problem effectively, suitable optimization methods are developed, which are then implemented in the software. The optimization methods must be adapted to the specifics of the considered problem in order to improve the quality of the obtained solutions and reduce the speed of their achievement. After the analysis, the obtained solutions can be partially or fully implemented in practice.
It is clear that the application of mathematics in business is extremely important today, and the Applied Mathematics program at the Faculty of Mathematics undoubtedly enables students to acquire knowledge and skills that can be applied in practice.