I graduated in 2003 with a degree in Numerical Mathematics and Optimization. I believe that the Faculty of Mathematics is a nice and stimulating environment that brings together young people with similar interests. There you can express and live out your own creativity, curiosity, and desire for new knowledge. Applied mathematics is an excellent choice, and I believe that together with the fundamentals of computer science, it is highly valued in various fields of industry and academia both at home and abroad.
It was a pleasure to return to my faculty after several years and defend my PhD thesis in Optimization and Operational Research in 2017 under the excellent supervision of Prof. Dr. Zorica Stanimirović. I teach mathematical subjects at the high schools of the Academy of Technicaland Artistic Professional Studies-Belgrade and the Air Force Academy in Belgrade. I also conduct scientific work in the areas of: optimization, mathematical modeling, metaheuristic methods and operational research. Honestly, I remember the years at the Faculty of Mathematics as the most beautiful and carefree ones!