The Department of Numerical Mathematics and Optimization is one of the organizers of two scientific conferences and one seminar.


Since 2000, the Department has participated in the organization of the International Symposium on Operational Research SYM-OP-IS. It is a symposium with a long tradition, which has been held since 1974 and initially had a national character. In 2017, it received the official status of an international scientific meeting from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development.

In cooperation with the Institute of Mathematics SANU, the Department of Numerical Mathematics and Optimization was the main organizer of SYM-OP-ISin 2021, which was held in Banja Koviljača from September 20 to 23 and attracted 278 participants from 8 countries. 117 papers were presented in 27 sections and 29 program areas. 

dr Zorica Dražić, prof. dr Milan Dražić, prof. dr Zorica Stanimirović, Kristina Kostić and Jelena Tasić at SYM-OP-ISin 2021.

The list of program areas includes a special section on the VNS method and its applications, dedicated to the 45 years of scientific work of Professor Nenad Mladenović, PhD, and his 70th birthday. The SYMOPIS Charter, which recognizes researchers for their contributions to the development of operational research in Serbia, was awarded to Professor Dragan Urošević, PhD.

SimpozijumSymposium "Mathematics and Applications"

Since 2010, the Faculty of Mathematics and the Association of Serbian Mathematicians have organized the "Mathematics and Applications" Symposium, a national meeting with international participation. The symposium is held in three sections:

  • Mathematics and applications - today
  • Mathematics and computer science in education
  • Scientific research and professional work of students

The meeting traditionally has a large attendance, and members of the Numerical Mathematics and Optimization Division are part of the organizing and program committees and regularly present their work there.

Computer Science and Applied Mathematics Seminar

In the 1980s, the department maintained a Numerical Mathematics Seminar. Today, members of the Department actively participate in the work of the Seminar of Informatics and Applied Mathematics of the Institute of Mathematics of the Serbian Academy of Sciences (headed by Prof. Dr. Vera Kovačević-Vujčić and Prof. Dr. Milan Dražić).

The Seminar of Applied Mathematics was established in 1973 as one of the first seminars of the Institute of Mathematics in Belgrade. Since 2012, it has changed its name to Seminar of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics. From the very beginning, one of the main goals of the seminar was to promote interaction between mathematics and other sciences and to bring together mathematicians with researchers from other related disciplines. Interaction between researchers from academic institutions and industry was also one of the goals. The seminar sessions were devoted both to the presentation of new scientific results and to the description of real problems requiring mathematics and methods for their solution. Various topics were covered, including numerical analysis and its applications, mathematical programming, calculus of variations, optimal control, graph theory with applications, astronomy and astrophysics, metaheuristics, computer science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc. Prominent scientists from home and abroad accepted the invitation and presented their results at the seminar.

Since 1995, the seminar has been organized in cooperation with the Faculty of Organizational Sciences. The Seminar of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics meets regularly once a week on Tuesdays at 2:15 p.m. from October to May.