The Master's programme of the Applied Mathematics module lasts one year (2 semesters) and is worth 60 ECTS credits. Upon completion of the Master's programme, the academic title of Master Mathematician is acquired.

Procedure for submitting a topic for a master's thesis

  1. The candidate, in consultation with the mentor, fills out the topic application form for Master thesis (in LaTeX or Word form) and submits it to the mentor by e-mail (he does not yet fill out the application on Hypatia).
  2. The supervisor sends electronically (in PDF format) to the Department of Numerical Mathematics and Optimization the proposal of the topic and the proposal of the defense committee, having first obtained the approval of the members of the committee.
  3. If there are no objections or comments that cannot be readily accepted (and the proposal is corrected), the mentor communicates the comments to the candidate for the final form of the proposal. The candidate prepares the final topic proposal and sends it to the mentor for review.
  4. Upon receiving mentor approval of the final topic proposal, the candidate submits the proposal electronically through Hypatia (it is best to submit the final PDF document directly).
  5. The Head of the Department of Numerical Mathematics and Optimization, after consulting with the mentor who verifies that an agreed-upon topic proposal has been submitted, approves the topic proposal via Hypatia. The proposal thus prepared goes to the Faculty Committee, which decides on the suitability of topics for Master's theses, and then (if accepted) to the Council for Teaching and Research (NNV). NNV meetings are usually held once a month, and the proposal must be approved at least two weeks before the NNV meeting.

Preparation of the final master's thesis

The candidate writes the thesis in accordance with the instructions for writing the thesis prescribed by the University of Belgrade, which can be found at this page.